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The goal of the Sustainability Business Network (SBN) is to promote collaboration between these organisations so that they in turn can provide truly comprehensive business solutions to their members and clients. SBN supports this collaboration and knowledge-sharing in three ways:

  • Hosting monthly learning-based networking events for small groups of senior decision-makers from a wide range of disciplines;
  • Building a business-to-business “green directory” that lists local resources for every kind of sustainability project; and
  • Creating roundtables of experts who will give direction and advice to corporations seeking to implement sustainable strategies.


Monday 24 March 2014, 08:00am - 10:00am

Who is speaking and what are the topics?

Overview of Solid and Food Waste Recycling in UAE

Huzaifa Rangwala, Marketing & Contracts Manager Recyclable Waste Management Division Union Paper Mills

Why recycle? What materials can be recycled, and how are these materials collected and disposed of? How is food waste in the UAE collected and recycled? Who are the companies actively recycling today, and what benefits are they experiencing?

Huzaifa Rangwala will address these questions and more during this meaningful presentation. He will highlight the various ways recycling results in real benefits to those companies that participate; not only the expected environmental or CSR benefits, but companies can also benefit commercially from recycling programmes.

Join us for the NEW Breakfast Briefing of The Sustainability Business Network. Knowledge and network at The Change Initiative an exciting one stop destination providing sustainable solutions for businesses.

Programme Highlights:

The Sand on my Roof produces Energy
Evangelos S. LIANOS, Managing Director, Yingli Solar Green Energy

Key Challenges in Energy Saving Projects
Simon Roopchand, General Manager, Energy Services & Centre of Excellence, Emrill

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