Green AirConditioning

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Evaporative Air Coolers. It’s capable of keeping the audience at an outdoor event cool and comfortable even during the hot and humid summer months. 

Eco-Structures International was founded in 2007 to deliver advanced technological solutions in a number of energy and energy-related fields, including oil and gas, water desalination and HVAC. 

For BARDOT Group, Marine Energies are the solutions of the Future! Carbon free energies solutions are considered to be the only solutions for the future for isolated communities. 

MistAmerica is one of the world’s leading providers of outdoor comfort systems.  From design to manufacture and installation to maintenance, MistAmerica will help you create cool, comfortable outdoor spaces.

Gerab Energy Systems LLC a subsidiary of the Gerab Group of Companies has been formed by professionalsfrom the Energy and Control fields (industry) who have come together to share their experience andexpertise and bring energy efficient and energy saving products and solutions to our region.

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