Green AirConditioning

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EnviroServe has invested in the Resources, Infrastructure and Technology to provide the solutions and transform the way you manage the hazardous products of: Refrigerant Gas - ensuring recovery of refrigerant replaces venting and Electronic Waste - not one kilogram of electronic waste goes to our precious land as waste.

Provide green cleaning , green a/c maintenance , energy management solutions , risk management with reasonable prices and effective service delivery .

Progen is an engineering solutions provider, Catering to the Middle East with competitive MEP products and Digital services. 

The climate changes with seasons, especially here in the United Arab Emirates. Some climatic conditions are conducive for outdoor activities, while others are inhospitable. However, we have a solution for you’re outdoors and indoors needs. Our Dubai-based Cool Group has technologies to neutralize these vagaries in weather and lower the outdoor temperature by 10° – 15° C.

Established in 1982, Ibn Al Nafees General Trading is a fully owned subsidiary of ARMS Group of companies.

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