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Eco-Structures International was founded in 2007 to deliver advanced technological solutions in a number of energy and energy-related fields, including oil and gas, water desalination and HVAC. We provide proprietary design services, energy modeling, on-site implementation, controls strategy, commissioning, and monitoring of an innovative thermal energy HVAC solution, TermoDeck®, for which we hold the exclusive license in MENA.

TermoDeck® is a LEED, BREEAM and Passive House certified proprietary proven system that takes advantage of the thermal qualities of concrete to slash the energy required to cool and heat our homes and workplaces. In fact, TermoDeck® cuts peak AC loads by 50% and energy consumption by 30-40%.Our low energy TermoDeck® HVAC system was originally developed in Sweden in the 1970s as a direct response to rising fuel prices for winter heating, summer cooling, and ventilation. Despite its recent entry in the Dubai market, over 400 buildings worldwide have been constructed using the TermoDeck control system.

TermoDeck® can be used in new-build (precast or in-situ) and in retrofit projects. It is ideal for constructing and renovating villas, residential, building, schools, office and retail complexes, hotels and hospitals, labour camps, airports and industrial facilities, etc.No other technology works with existing construction materials to provide thermal storage and radiant cooling as part of the fabric of the building resulting in continuously superior IAQ, proven to operate successfully from a systems integration viewpoint. Our technology provides effective control strategies for thermal energy storage and avoids the control problems that can cause humidity, condensation, mold and other allergens.

Results are achieved by modifying the concrete hollow core or in-situ slabs ordinarily used in the construction process and can be done at a low capital cost, producing significant operations and maintenance cost savings over the lifetime of a building. 

Contact Details (Office UAE):

Phone: +971.4.289.0922

Fax:  +971.4.289.0933


Contact Person:

Name: Ghassan Al Nimry


Phone: +971.50.450.5831

Mobile: +971.50.450.5831

Contact Person:

Name: Randa Mouammar

Position: Chief Strategy Officer

Mobile: +971.50.143.3961






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