Green Energy – Renewable Energy

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Masdar is Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company advancing the development, commercialisation and deployment of clean energy technologies and solutions.

Adenium Energy Capital was launched in early 2010 as an investment company, specializing in the investment in and development of clean energy and alternative energy-related sectors. 

AL MAEENI GROUP is an experienced Solution Provider Specially for Renewable Energy.

Apart from the mission of being the master distributor for reputed Solar component brands in the UAE, our focus is to offer solar powered system integrated solutions for smart Diesel replacement, the Oil & Gas industry, Green Buildings, small Off-Grid power solutions, Solar Pumping and the upcoming Abu Dhabi Solar Rooftop Program.

The theme of the seminar is to understand the concept of Alternative & Renewable Energy and focus on the various developments and trends in this field in the GCC region.

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