Sysmac Management Consultant

SYSMAC MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT operates within a network of senior specialists having a long-standing experience with sophisticated analytical capabilities, covering expertise related to: Excellence Models, Strategic Planning, Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems, Health & Safety Management Systems, Re-Structuring, Human Resources, Skills Development and Training.


SYSMAC MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT offers high quality, reliable, and flexible solutions,

with minimum burden to your personnel, which will achieve better relations with the international market, so as the public sector.

Our services include:

- Management Systems

- Business Excellence Models

- TQM Implementation

- HR Management

- Web & E-business Solutions

- IT Systems Management

Contact information: UAE Office

Phone: +971 4 3116832

Fax: +971 4 3328810


Ammar Mansoor, Managing Director

Phone: +971 4 3116832

Mobile: +971 50 2655186

Fax: +971 4 3328810


Adnan Nazir, Marketing Executive

Phone: +971 4 2692329

Mobile: +971 55 1649796

Fax:+971 4 3328810




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